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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 19, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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you answer. go to let us know what you thought about tonight's show. good night see you tomorrow night fox news channel. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: warfare breaking out in major league baseball as suspected cheater alex rodriguez is beamed by a boston red sox pitcher. >> this controversy is about to explode and there is $100 million involved. we have a factor investigation. >> that man wasn't [bleep] i'm 56 years old. i recognize patronizing. >> bill: why is actor la bar burton so angry? did i insult him in our chat about race? we'll play the interview and you can make the call. >> when it comes to comes right out oof the ground, you should be able to smoke it whenever you want. >> a big pot controversy in
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seattle as police there seem to be encouraging marijuana use on the streets. a direct violation of the law. we have a special report on that. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. warfare breaks out in major league baseball. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in 2007, this man, third baseman alex rodriguez signed an astounding $275,000,000.10 year contract with the new york yankees. two years later rodriguez committed he used steroids before major league baseball banned them. by extension that drug use helped the ball players succeed and eventually make all that money. well now, rodriguez has been suspended by major league baseball for
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allegedly using performance enhancing drugs again. a rod, as he is called, has appealed that suspension which for a whopping 211 games. far more than the other 12 suspended players. while the appeal is underway, rodriguez can play and get paid. but if his appeal is denied, rodriguez could lose many, many millions of dollars. now, last night in boston, this troubling story took another turn as a red sox pitcher hit alex rodriguez. [cheers] >> first pitch behind, sending a message. i don't like what you stand for. >> to me, it's ridiculous, you had your chance the first pitch to send a message. don't send it on the fourth one. >> now, immediately after rodriguez was beamed. york yankees manager joe
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was eject from the game because he want the pitcher thrown out as he should should have been. >> well, this is the first time we is seen something like this since alex rodriguez return. i think we can say with some certainty what the intent was trajectory hit him 3-0 pitch. calling the pitcher a coward. and then a few innings later, rodriguez hits a home run off dempster. >> now he hits a deep drive straight away center field and gone! >> bill: wow. the case of alex rodriguez concerns alleged cheating at the highest level of american business. when a man is paid $275 million, the team, the biz, taking on the contract
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is entitled to honesty, honesty on every level. but rodriguez denies he has done anything wrong in the latest episode. >> alex has yet to answer the most important and most basic question in this, whether he once again used performance enhancing drugs. are you prepared to answer that question this morning. >> shear what i am prepared to answer. alex admitted in 2001, 2002, that he had used performance enhancing drugs as a member of the texas rangers when it was not banned. he said since then he has not. >> bill: talking points does not know what alex rodriguez did or did not do. but after the lance armstrong debacle. it is safe to assume that some very powerful american least cheat and again that's unacceptable because american business are paying them an incredible amount of money. and they have a right to expect honest behavior. bottom line on the story is that mr. rodriguez will probably be suspended although major league
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baseball might cut back the amount of time. but it is an awful situation being played out in front of the nation. and by the way, as somebody who was once a pitcher. throwing a baseball at another player is a serious thing. dempster should not have done it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from north carolina, bernard goldberg n addition doing on factor. is a lifelong yankee fan. what about this? >> well, first of all, major league baseball has every right to expect that its players won't cheat. that's number one. when they cheat, it obviously gives an unfair advantage to the cheater. over the player who is playing by the rules. but in a more important way, bill, it corrupts the game. first of all, fans, are more than willing to put up with cheaters if the cheater is on the team that they're rooting for and is delivering home runs. so it corrupts the fans who
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are more than willing to be corrupted. but baseball, more than any other sport, extends over generations. so, if a player, who is using steroids, breaks hank aaron's all time home run record or another player who is on some kind of drugs breaks roger o'mara's single season record. they are cheating all of us who love baseball. baseball is just one institution in a bigger culture. and there is a lot of cheating going on in the whole culture. >> i think that's the main point. you barry bonds who broke aaron's records and he did brake roger marist record. >> mark mcgwire. >> and sammy sosa. >> that's right. >> when you have an epidemic of cheating and lying, too. because lying goes along with cheating. you just can't cheat because you have to deny you cheated and that's a lie. so lying and cheating are twins. and i think we have an epidemic of that in america right now. i really do.
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i talk to court officers and they say the oath that people take to swear to tell the whole truth and is a joke. everybody knows it's a joke. very few perjury cases taken in because now the court believes nothing. they are not telling the truth. the lawyers lie, everybody lies. we are living in a culture now that is so full of lying and cheating that i think it's eroding america's power, social fabric. >> i think you are right. i think the reason in the case of baseball that alex rodriguez is public enemy number one isn't simply that he cheated. but that he lied. i mean, he looked leslie stall in the eye several years ago and said i'm not using performance enhancing drugs and i never did. and he was. then he said he wasn't going to do it anymore and now baseball says they have the goods on him. there is an expression in sports which is man up. if alex rodriguez had said i did it. i shouldn't have done it.
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it was a stupid thing to do, i'm going to appeal the length of my penalty, but i'm not denying that i did it, i don't think he would be public enemy number one. because, as you say, it's the -- you can't look at somebody and lie to them and expect them to respect you. >> bill: now, tacopina, his lawyer on "the today show" basically made the point that the evidence against rodriguez rodriguez would never hold up in a court of law and that's probably true because it's coming from one guy but this guy he his record record is so bad, reasonable doubt. there is he anthony botch. tacopina is basically trying the thing as a criminal case. it's not a criminal case this is case like honesty in business.
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almost like a upon zi scheme. if you are playing at this rate with this kind of money. and you are not playing by the rules as madoff didn't. he violated any rule of investment. it's just wrong. >> bill: it's unacceptable. i don't think we should convict rodriguez on this program tonight. but i think we should stand behind the new york yankees and say the yankees are doing -- they should be mad. they should be angry because look at what their investment has reaped. >> right. let's say tack meanna, the attorney is right. let's just say is he right that he never be convicted in a court of law. but let's say a player whether it's his client or some other player is using performance enhancing drugs and is able to do things that the other players who aren't can't do will, that's just an unfair
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advantage, offend our basic sense of right and wrong wrong all the fans should be condition demanding this. >> they are not. >> bill: applaud a guy nic who plays right field for the baltimore orioles good player he said one time baseball should kick them out. one time. no second chance. cheating should not be tolerated and i applaud mark for saying that bernie, thank you. next on the rundown, the republican party says no debates on nbc and cnn. we will tell you why. and then, seattle washington has gone to pot, no question about it. we'll take you there and show you what kind of chaos marijuana is causing. we're coming right back. hero: if you had a chance to go anywhere in the world, but you had to leave right now, would you go? man: 'oh i can't go tonight' woman: 'i can't.' hero : that's what expedia asked me. host: book the flight but you have to go right now.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight may haveeard that cnn and nbc are thinking about producing movies on hillary clinton. since it is widely believed she will run for president in 2016, the republican party is not amused. >> i would just say that entities like nbc and cnn that are moving forward with four-part mini series about hillary clinton are not going to take part in our debate. >> bill: on friday nbc released a statement saying the hillary project is in development it not a sure thing. joining us is juan williams. do you see the rnc's point. >> basically what we have here is a politician getting free advertising. you heard of paid advertising. this is free advertising. it's like mrs. clinton are you ready for your camera shot, darling. because what they're going to do is elevate her. they have the actress diane ellayna, bill, set to do. this i think they are still going to do it. diane lane is somebody who is very attractive and beautiful actress and she
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is going to play hillary clinton. how can anybody say that's not going to elevate mrs. clinton in american life. >> bill: didn't julianne moore elevate sarah palin on hbo? >> no. >> bill: no, of course not she mocked her. >> there this is about skewering hillary clinton. >> bill: i shocked you i'm using irony that ms. -- >> it might be beyond my ms. moore very talented actress suddenly mocked sarah palin in that movie. now in diane lane is another actress suddenly mocked hillary clinton she would never work again in hollywood. you know, we know what the game is. so, the republicans are right to basically say to nbc and cnn, hey, look, we
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know you favor hillary clinton, both of those networks will. we know that but, if you overtly campaign for her, setting it up for her, we're not going to participate two points to be made there one is republicans don't want a whole bunch of primary debates in 2016 anyway. they are looking to sparse the field and weed out people. saying to cnn and nbc. you just elected yourself. you nominated yourself to step out of the. >> bill: i heard they have their moderator for the debate lined up duck dynasty. >> that would work. >> bill: might be compatible. >> uncle psy would be a star. >> why aren't they screaming bow bonanza for hillary clinton. if you are joe biden. martin o'malley the governors of new york and
8:17 pm
maryland thinking about run. >> bill: they wouldn't run. >> why wouldn't they say this isn't right. >> bill: rove comes up thinks biden might run against hillary. no way that's going to happen. fox was going to produce this movie. people don't understand. somebody has to put up the money, the jack to make the movie to pay miss lane and everybody else and then it gets played on a certain network so nbc and cnn are looking for farther necessary because it's two separate projects fox was going to produce the movie trying to make some money out of it but then fox said no, they are not going to do it. now, i'm going to predict that neither movie is going to be made before 2016. i don't think it's going to happen. >> why do you think that? >> bill: it's way too hot. it might get a good number or decent viewership. >> i think it would. >> look, cnn is trying to come back from ratings armageddon. they are trying to build up their shop over there they don't need. this nbc is already labeled
8:18 pm
far left network. "the today show" is falling behind gma. sunday show fallen behind. they don't need it. you just said this will get ration president of nbc entertainment. is he under pressure to get rid of this thing. >> bill: it would get numbers. >> hillary clinton is very popular and controversial. even conservatives would watch. >> bill: are you going against me? i say no movie and you saying there is going to be a movie. >> i think there will be a movie. >> bill: juan wrong once again. directly ahead federal law says marijuana is illegal. washington state is contradicting that law. seattle police may even be encouraging pot use. we'll have a special report. later will he bar burton says i was mean to him or something. show you what happened and you can make the call. those reports after these messages. to benefit cancer research i rode across the atlantic.
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unresolved problem segment tonight. the use and sale of marijuana is still illegal. washington state has legalized personal use of cannabis is causing chaos. as fox news dan springer found out. the seattle police may actually be encouraging pot use. >> hello, seattle. >> look around this 22nd annual hemp fest in seattle and you get the impression marijuana has gone mainstream. more than 100,000 people attend. many smoking pot in the open. some even offering our cameraman a toke. it's the first hemp fest since recreational pot use was legalized in the state. and the event felt like a victory lap led by the city attorney pete holmes. >> we did it. you did it. [cheers] >> yeah.
8:23 pm
last november we changed the world. >> even the seattle police got into it. joking about the munchies as they passed out a thousand bags of doritos with stickers in an attempt to educate. >> if we can do that in a way that's creative. that's funny. that's going to get people talking about marijuana and that even broader conversation about drugs and alcohol and kids what's allowed and what's not allowed, then we are doing our job. >> their job did not include enforcing the law. they didn't make any arrests or write a single ticket even though using in public is still illegal. no one under 21 is allowed to smoke it. we saw plenty including this 19-year-old who was higher than a space needle. >> when it comes to weed it comes right out of the ground. you should be able to smoke it whenever you want. >> you can still be fired for smoking on the job and jailed for driving stoned. >> job wise it, don't effect how i do my job. it don't effect how i drive. >> it clearly does effect brain cells. >> takes away knee pain. makes me think probably
8:24 pm
smoother. i'm definitely more fluent. i would say fluent that be would the word. >> fluent? >> fluent like i feel like language. fluid as f. like i feel in the day. everything feels like smoother. >> oh, fluid. >> no i did say fluent, yes. as in fluent you normally say you can do it well. >> 10 years ago seattle voters largely decriminalized the drug requiring that pot enforcement be the city's lowest priority. but now the cops have gone a step further, actually making friends at hemp fest with free chips. >> it shows that the cops, they are okay for it. >> my buddy and i are going to send them back east to the friends and family and let them see what the west coast is doing for the marijuana. >> joining us now from seattle dan springer. what is the little message they had attached to the doritos? >> well, here it is. i got the bag right here, bill. sticker says we thought you might be hungry we will give you the dos and
8:25 pm
don'ts, don't drive while high. don't sell to minors. do listen to the dark side of the moon at a reasonable volume and do enjoy hemp fest. they handed out about 1,000 of these at the event. >> bill: so much the people we saw smoking marijuana in your piece looked mighty young. >> yeah, i would say that dozens, if not well hundreds of people were obviously under the age of 21. which made that ill league we didn't see the police going up to any of them even warning them and telling them about the law telling them it would be illegal possessing marijuana. illegal for everyone if the state of washington, still. >> is seattle truly now past san francisco as the most liberal town in the u.s.a., do you think? >> well, on drug laws i have got to say that it is. we see that they 10 years ago the city decriminalized it by telling the police department look this has got to be your lowest priority. and since then you you see people downtown seattle
8:26 pm
smoking pot out in the open. and they do it without any worry that the police will stop them. >> when you walk down the streets. i haven't been to seattle in a while. kind of avoiding the place are their people smoking pot all over the place? >> i would say that you do see people smoking pot. far more frequent than you do anywhere else. i have been in san francisco. i don't see it as much there. so, yeah. it's definitely part of the culture here and with this law passing, in november, it was like fair game. now you see it out in the open all the time. >> bill: the kids are going to be smoking it. be careful what you wish for out there. dan, thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. lebar burton calls me a nasty name. the fbi getting involved in a high tech sex scandal featuring miss teen u.s.a. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain. little things anyone can do. it steals your memories. your independence. ensures support, a breakthrough.
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8:31 pm
>> bill: what exactly is mr. burton's beef and does he have a point? we begin with the martin trial. are you following the trial closely, mr. burton? >> i'm following it. not closely. i don't watch the trial daily. i just get a daily update through my twitter feed and other news >> bill: any preconceived opinions on it. >> on the outcome of the trial? >> bill: yeah on the situation. >> process. >> bill: you just heard juan say it disturbs him that the whole thing was in motion that. >> anna: armed black man out for soda and candy winds up dead. those are the kind of perceptions that can cause angst if a verdict comes in that is an acquittal. you know that. >> that's part of the tragedy of this case. that a young man unnecessarily lost his life. no matter, you know, what the verdict says. there is a young kid who is dead. and did it really need to come to that? >> bill: it didn't need to
8:32 pm
come to. but now we have to see if the person who shot trayvon martin. >> see if the system works. see if the system works. you have to see if the system works. >> bill: you made some provocative comments on a news network that driving while being black. driving while being black. and you said -- >> -- why is what i said provocative? >> bill: i don't think white people understand. i don't understand i was pulled over by a black cop a few weeks ago. and he obviously didn't like me and gave me a nice big ticket even though i had a pretty good excuse for what i was doing. but that was all right. i was wrong. i took the ticket. but, i didn't feel threatened or any way. i picked up the vibe that he is not a big factor fan. but i didn't -- but you, on the other hand, when you are pulled over, you feel. >> the difference between you and me, bill is, that and i may well get to a very pleasant exchange with an officer once he
8:33 pm
approaches the car. the difference between when you get stopped and when i get stopped is i want to make sure that that time between when the officer leaves his car and approaches mine that he is as relaxed as possible. >> bill: that is the officer is as relaxed as possible? >> that the officer is as relaxed as possible. >> bill: why do you want to make sure that he is he relaxed? because that didn't even pop into my brain. what popped into my brain is i will explain why did i this and he will understand. it wasn't i want him to be relaxed why do you want him to be relaxed? >> because i live in a country and in a culture where it can sometimes be dangerous to be a young black male. statistics overwhelming so many aspects of crime. overrepresentation in our prison populations of young men of color. it is historically dangerous to be a young black man in america. >> bill: now, does the fact. >> no different for me than it is for, you know, for anyone.
8:34 pm
my age and race. >> bill: i understand that does the fact that reported crime, not convicted crime, reported crime so overwhelmingly tilts toward african-american men mitigate this that reported crime, mostly by other african-americans, all right, is overwhelmingly in the black, young black man precincts. does that mitigate anything? >> i don't believe it does. i really don't. you have to look at the culture in which the -- this bias is held. and you have to look at the imagery of the culture and what the popular culture has turned out in terms of the representations of people of color. look, whenever you have majority population, and, you know, the united states of america is in the middle of a huge shift in terms of the makeup of its population, racially. and so whenever you have a
8:35 pm
majority population. the majority is always going to set the rules. in our case, black people have traditionally pa bit actually, institutionally been disenfranchised and targeted. >> bill: yes, but i think it's a fact. >> more than any other group. >> bill: i have to run but i want to talk to you about this again. i want you to little doo a little research for me. i think it's a fact that proportionally young black men commit far more crimes than any other group in this country and i think that that's what is driving all of this fear on both sides. mr. burton, very good conversation. >> um. >> we will pick it up. >> we will talk again, bill. >> bill: all right. now, that seemed to be civil to he me. we had to edit a little bit of that interview for time tonight. but the entire thing, the entire thing is posted on bill o' the stuff we took out is about the o.j. simpson case nothing controversial. we want to know what you think about that interview. was i condescending? disrespectful in any way to
8:36 pm
will he levar burton. we expect this to go my way but we do want to give everybody a chance to weigh in on it next on the rundown, chris christie rand paul feud is it getting worse? nic carolla on the miss teen u.s.a. being spied upon in the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? win! a quarter million tweeters is beare tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the factor follow up segment tonight, two hot topics, the feud between republican chris christie and rand paul and hillary clinton already on the campaign trail. >> i as a strategist am fairly floored that she has decided to enter the public fray so quickly we could do the foundation work, issue work, she could build the campaign and develop a message without having to be so far out front. >> bill: today the "wall street journal" ran an article saying that vice president biden may challenge mrs. clinton but i doubt that joining us now from austin, texas, political analyst karl rove. first about hillary. >> are you surprised she is out on the trail to quickly. >> i think robert gibbs is right. take a quick look at this. think about this. march 15th youtube video coming out in favor of gay marriage.
8:41 pm
june 13th: she goes to bryn manor. goes to american bar association on the 129 of august and gives a speech attacking voter i.d. laws. on the 10th of september, she has announced she is going to give a speech on transparency in government at the national constitution center in philadelphia. later on in september she has a fundraiser for terry mcauliff in october a speech yale law school and scead orlando law school and real estate. that is like you are in the final months of a primary campaign not three years from the election. >> doesn't she get paid a lot of money to roll into town and bloviate about anything she wants to bloviate about. >> some of them are not. i don't know that she got paid that much for the aba. giving a spree speech at the national constitution center. and she -- look, she put
8:42 pm
out her own youtube video in order to be heard on the issue of same sex marriage. i think robert is right. you cannot -- she is way out in front. highly visible. she is doing it a lot. you cannot sustain that pace for three years and then pop up late 2015 and 2016 and start paying attention to the primary season and sound like you have something new to say. you are going to have bored the press to death. vulnerable. somebody who is capable of sounding fresh and new and different. it's hard to be the frontrunner from the beginning to the end without making a lot of mistakes along the way. she not only has accepted the crown of frontrunner. she is doing everything she can to highlight it. >> but there is so much money behind her and so much power behind. you know vice president biden. i think journalist said he had raised $11 million. that's just lunch money for the clintons. $11 million that may be right, bill. we heard this in 2007 he
8:43 pm
she was going to be the nominee. i don't think biden will go up against her, do you? >> a, i don't think there is anything he has to lose by saying he is he going to go up against her and b is he joe biden so yes i think he will go up against her. does he prevail? no. but he will give us a lot of entertainment. >> bill: i don't think he will go. i'm routing for you to be right because i want the entertainment value. let's christie and rand paul. these guys are trying to run for president in different ways. now they are fighting or arguing with each other and how do you analyze that? first of all, this is a fight that both of them want because it gives them a chance to lay claim to a certain thing that's important in a republican presidential primary for rand paul it a chance for him to try to change the republican party. always been a libertarian strain inside the republican party. that libertarian strain has had its biggest influence
8:44 pm
economic issues. sound money policies. less so on 00 social side. maybe a little bits of leave everybody alone. the idea that libertarian philosophy drug decriminalize it prostitution, that hasn't got much purchase. the least impact of libertarianism has been on the international side. this idea of down size the military, cut the military budget. bring everybody home. withdrawal from the world. this kind of stuff has not been popular inside the republican heart party. rand paul wants the chance to change the republican party by saying if you don't like if you are a young person and you don't like what obama is doing with drones or you want to repeal the patriot act or roll back some of the national security steps taken 9/11. you don't have to go after the left hand. libertarian wing. i'm your guy. that's a value to him. that's his view. that's his vision, it's a smart move on his part to try to seize an opportunity of controversy to expand on that. on the other hand, christie
8:45 pm
wants to be seen as a strong national defense conservative, and so using the fact that he is the governor of a state that suffered a lot of loss on 9/11, he says no, wait a minute, whoa, i'm blowing the whistle, i'm not willing to roll back those protections that we have put in place that have kept america safe since 9/11. for each one of them it gives them aens that, this controversy is useful because it gives them a chance to emphasize what they are for and draw more attention to it. >> that's for sure. nothing much else to talk about politically. >> it's august. it's august. >> i know. on deck, adam carolla on the fbi investigating a high tech privacy violation against ms. teen u.s.a. then, then, a wild mail segment. you guys sound off on the al sharpton situation. don't miss this one. we're coming right back. the great outdoors... ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. (gasp) nope. aw! guys!
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back of the book segment. rolling were carolla. investigating a sex torgs 19-year-old cassidy miss teen u.s.a. apparently some hacked into a web camera, spied on her in her own home. that's a civil offense. suspect, no charges have yet been filed. joining us from los angeles, adam can a rollla. i have a hard time understanding how this is actually possible. tech savvy than me. what do you think about it. >> oh, yeah. listen, there are leads on easter island. tech savvy than you: >> bill: you happy? >> stating a fact. no spin going on over here. >> bill: i am illiterate in this area. >> i'm not good either. >> i have to live in this
8:50 pm
world and i make my living on the internet doing my shows and various other endeavors, so, i know there is this thing where with any technology there is going to be a good side and a bad any technology there's going to be a good side and bad side to it. think about a gun. a gun in the hands of a law officer is a great thing and in the hands of phil spector is a bad thing, right? the gun just remains the gun. >> i'm not blaming the technology. it's so frightening to think that there's so many gizmos and geeks out there who can intrude on it and turn it around. this poor woman is spied on in her own home by a camera built into her pc. inconceivable. >> it is but so were many things and so are many things and again it's one of these things -- what i find interesting about technology is we did this to
8:51 pm
make things easier for us so we could have more leisure time. all the washing machine did was free you up to do more crap. everyone is in their car texting and e-mailing. >> all kinds of consequences. absolutely. the bad guys are running wild. i'm glad the fbi is involved. when this guy gets arrested -- remember, i said this before. the guy who hacked into bill o' and did damage is doing time in a federal pen in ohio. the fbi takes it seriously as well they should. let's put up a website called i have no idea what that means but it is put out by a bunch of accountants that want you to be fiscally responsible. it takes courage but saving money is worth it. why does it take courage to save money? >> i don't know.
8:52 pm
when obama was talking about being a hero and taking courage to raise your kids, i thought no, no, no. that's responsibility. saving money is your responsibility. it's a personal responsibility. it doesn't take courage. it takes courage to wrestle a bear not put 20 bucks in a mattress, you idiot. >> it's very, very tiffy. i don't know what courage is. it's smart. you put it away. you know, today they figure i spend all my money i'll get into debt and the government will take care of me. why bother saving anything? >> where does it end in 20 years? it takes courage to sit up. it takes courage to wipe your butt. where do we stop with this? >> perhaps we should stop the conversation here so we don't speculate about where it might stop. in a moment, a sound off on the al sharpton situation. al sharpton situation. two minutes away. ♪
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tonight, an extended mail segment which will include factor tip of the day. we begin with marv jose. o'reilly, why do you criticize al sharpton now that he has a show on another network? it makes you a hypocrite. sharpton is a snake and always has been. let me wise you up, marv. sharpton was never my buddy. we gave him a redemption to reform his dubious past. it has to do with his false presentation of racial issues. by the way, the entire segment critiquing sharpton that we did last week is posted on billo' it's hard to believe you are willing to admit you were once stupid enough to give $25,000 to sharpton. foolish letter, bob.
8:56 pm
foolish. i gave 25k to help poor families celebrate christmas. i did not give it to sharpton. he was the messenger. judy bark, i'm not surprised that you stepped up to help people in need. i'm also not surprised that sharpton came to you for help. sadly, i'm not surprised he stabbed you in the back. darryl cooper, bill, a man of your generosity knows there's a ton of truth in the old adage no good deed goes unpunished. that does not apply to me, darryl. here's the tip of the day. part of the reason i do this program is to help poor people all over the world. we bring in millions of dollars and my cut, which is substantial, is donated to charity every penny of it. a few years ago in a recession, hundreds of families in harlem were facing a bleak christmas and there was nobody to help them. i did. i didn't expect anything in return. if you're a christian and you attended church yesterday, you
8:57 pm
heard a gospel passage suggesting those that help others not expect anything in return and even when your good works are used against you, your charity is worth it. believers understand that every human being's life will be examined by a higher power. i helped poor people in harlem, new york. i'm glad i did. everything else doesn't concern me. factor tip of the day. don says since when did we ordain ourselves the world's human rights savior? are you mad, o'reilly? you need a history lesson, don. you wouldn't be sitting down there today if reagan administration hadn't beaten back communist insurgency there. same thing in eastern europe. millions have freedom today because we crushed the soviet union's expansion of policies. in the arab world, the u.s. must find a way to defeat the bad guys without puting our boots on
8:58 pm
the ground. bill, it surprised me when he chose to be vulgar. bill, you were condescending toward burton but they're you're condescending toward everyone. justine, you consider to be a source of inspiration. you should do a bolder, fresher show in minneapolis. we will be there next year, justine. in the meantime, the only remaining show with tickets is jacksonville, florida, october 12th. that will sell out soon. see everybody in montgomery, alabama, september 26th. just me. i'll be talking about my upcoming book "killing jesus." first public comments on that and some politics. alice, indianapolis, mr. o., what a great tip of the day. most of my friends who hate
8:59 pm
christians have never read a word of the bible thinking this symbolizing intolerance. they have no idea of the wisdom they are missing. i know you'll set the record straight in "killing jesus." i tried and i think martin and i have succeeds ceesucceeded. it's a history book but it talks about jesus of nazareth and the time he lived. that's it for tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. there it is. also we would like to you spout out off at o' a positive word tonight. we hope everybody who writes to the factor is noetic. not poetic. noetic. positive word. a lot of you want me to be more positive.
9:00 pm
please be noetic. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." he's a tea party favorite who many conservatives would like to see run for the white house come 2016 and with that comes extra str scrutiny but ted cruz is standing up to critics. late last week the texas senator, ted cruz, released his birth certificate to the paper. born in canada to an american mother, he became an instant u.s. citizen but end canadian law he's a citizen of that country the moment he was born. many say the cruz camp has put this so-called controversy to rest. the paper goes on to point out that the constitution does not address the issue of


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